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Car Rental Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Car Subscriptions – the basics.

What is a car Subscription?

A Car Subscription from Subscribe A Car is an all inclusive, flexible way to get access to a reliable and modern Ride Share Vehicle.

All on road costs, including rego, insurance and service are included.  All you need to do is cover fuel and other incidentals, such as tolls. Best bit – no lock in contracts!

How long before I receive my car?

You can generally be on the road in under 48 hours! Book online, or give us a call to get started!

How long can I keep the car?

As long as you want! The longer you keep the car, the cheaper the plans become!

How many KMs are included?

Each plan varies as to how many KMs are included. Additional usage is charged weekly and unused KMs do not roll over.  It is important you chose the correct plan, based on your usage.

Car Subscriptions – Fees & Charges

Are there upfront fees?

There is no fee to apply, some plans do include an establishment fee, which you will be advised of during the application. All plans require a security deposit.

How much is the security deposit?

All plans include a $500 security deposit. This amount is fully refundable, providing the car is returned in the same condition.

Car Subscription Question?

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